About cfreak.dev

About cfreak.dev
The many facets of cfreak

Hi! I'm Chris, or "cfreak", or "The Real Chris Brown", or "Chris Daniel" (the pen name I'm trying on for size, I'm not 100% sold on it yet).  This site is my latest attempt to create a general place for my thoughts and my work to share with the world.

The Technologist

I'm a technologist since before the turn of the century, starting my first paid job in 1998. I've spent time as a software engineer, manager, architect, and currently I'm a Chief Technology Officer.  You'll likely find a word or two about the challenges of running technology companies.

I attempted at one point to put all my technology musings at Blue Berry Tech but I haven't kept it up to date.

The Author

I'm a writer and I'm finally getting serious about getting my work published. In high-school and college I wrote poetry. Later I wrote and did some illustration on a web comic. I've also written short plays.  Currently I'm working on my first novel that started as an idea all the way back in my college days. The current version it has been in progress since April of 2023. It started out as one epic book but on advice from other writers I'm splitting it up, and adding to it. My goal is to finish book 1 and book 2 before then end of 2023.

The Former Evangelical

Evangelical Christianity shaped my life and world view for the first 40 years of my life. I'll be writing much about my choice to leave it behind and the related challenges. Previously I wrote things at cfreak's Anti Blog about my beliefs and looking back, I can see the cracks starting to form even though I didn't realize it at the time. The posts there are very old but they exist for posterity to show where I came from.


I work for a political research form and advocacy organization. I find politics both infurating and interesting so expect posts about it. Personally I'm quite left on most issues but I'm willing to discuss actual political view points. Actual political viewpoints as described by this wonderful meme:


Currently its free! And I expect to have some sort of free version forever. I may offer some exclusive paid content in the future.

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